Bugged Weapons – WoW PVP

If you manage to find one of the many Bugged Weapons available, and are able to find a killer use for it in WoW PVP, then you're destined for greatness. Here are 5 Bugged Weapons, to get you started in helping you dominate in WoW PVP - and how to best use them for the recommended classes.

Bugged WeaponsBugged Weapons

As we stated above, there are 5 Bugged Weapons, and each of them are for various classes. Some of them have a greater chance to proc some deadly abilities, some have spammable crowd controls (CC's), some of them become over powered granting the ability to 2 shot enemies.


If you have a weapon to add to this Bugged Weapons list, reply in the comments, and we will add it to the list...

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