Bulvinkel the Spirit Moose – WoW Hunter Pet Guide

How to Obtain Bulvinkel the Spirit MooseIn this WoW Hunter Pet Guide, we'll teach you how to Obtain Bulvinkel the Spirit Moose. If you're a hunter and enjoy finding rare pets to tame, then Bulvinkel the Spirit Moose should be on your list. There is only one spawn location, and killing the mob only nets you one item worth 25g. But for hunters, this prize is immaculate.

Before I go into how to Obtain Bulvinkel the Spirit Moose, I should mention that this is a tie-in to a cartoon from The Rocky and Bullwinkle show, where as Bullwinkle is the moose that is friends with rocky the squirrel. I am a bit surprised that they also didn't add in Rocky, a blue squirrel pet into the game as well. 

How to Obtain Bulvinkel the Spirit Moose

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We start this Bulvinkel the Spirit Moose guide by moving into Stormheim. We're looking for a location near the Halls of Valor, but more specifically to the coords  74,84 on the cliffs to the southeast of the Halls of Valor.

Bulvinkel the Spirit Moose Map

You won't be able to reach Bulvinkel the Spirit Moose by walking along the shore, as he is actually on a very steep cliff which is unclimable. Instead, you will need to head over the bridge towards the Halls of Valor. When you hit the first set of stairs, turn right and go towards the end of the balcony and then jump off. There are 2 ways you will be able to jump over the short wall, as shown in my screenshot below.

Bulvinkel the Spirit Moose - Balcony Jump

Once you get on the other side of the balcony, turn left and head up the mountain. There is a visible path for you to follow, leading the way up. At the top, the rocks will become jagged, and you will need to watch where you step, so you don't fall off the mountain and die. If you do die, it's a long ways back from the GY. Just before you get to the grassy area with goats and Bulvinkel the Spirit Moose' patrol area, you're going to find a very big drop. You will die if you attempt to jump here, so you'll need a way to slow fall your way down like with a Goblin Glider Kit. Use it before you splat on the rocks below.

Bulvinkle the Spirit Moose Patrol Area

Bulvinkle the Spirit Moose will actually move around quite a bit, so you're going to need to look around, before you discount him being in the area. However you should know that his spawn timer runs about 6 hours. So you might be in for a wait. If you want to idle and wait for him, you can kill the nearby goats and use it to level up your skinning, or just pop onto another realm (recommended if you don't have skinning). 

One thing to note is that if you do realm hop, you will need to find a group leader who is in Stormheim with you. If not, then you won't be able to hop over. This is because with the WoW Legion expansion, Blizzard made a change to help prevent abuse. So just look for groups who are questing in Stormheim.

Final advice for taming Bulvinkle the Spirit Moose

Don't bring bodyguards. They will attack Bulvinkle the Spirit Moose, which means you will need to run-away and hopefully disengage to preserve the spawn.

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