Burned Voidwalker Skin – WoW trick

Here's a little hidden "Easter Egg", which will give you the Burned Voidwalker Skin. It's a WoW trick which can be done with Fire Mages and Warlocks (possibly hunter pets too), on their pet demons.

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Burned Voidwalker Skin - WoW trick

Burned Voidwalker SkinIn order to get the Burned Voidwalker Skin, follow these simple steps.

  1. Find a Fire mage with the hidden artifact "Felo'Melorn" (see video below on how to acquire it).
  2. Let the Fire mage kill your Voidwalker or Felhunter (or hunter pet - need confirmation on this).
  3. The artifact has a chance to burn dead enemies.
  4. Resummon your pet demon

Enjoy it while it lasts!


Video to acquire Felo'Melorn

credit to an unknown redditor for the find


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