Cashing Out WoW Tokens

So the word is, that soon, you will be able to start Cashing Out WoW Tokens. That is to say, trading gold for WoW Tokens (as normal), and then being able to cash out said WoW Tokens to your account balance - as announced at Blizzcon.

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Cashing Out WoW Tokens

Cashing Out WoW TokensOf course you can't just cash out the money then, you need to move the monies around, but that can be done with gifting and trading. We aren't sure if it's another move to get Blizzard to stop gold farmers, or to offer an alternative to buying from them altogether.

What we do know, is that the price of WoW Tokens is going up quickly, and that the ability of Cashing Out WoW Tokens has changed the price from 35k to almost 60k. The moment you can cash out to your Battlenet balance however, is the time when people will begin selling keys and pets for real money, thus bypassing the restrictions and using Blizzard as the middle man to earning some real life cash.

If you haven't done so already, now is the time to invest, and get in on the action before it's too late.

Of note, is that anytime a new game is released, it's very likely the price will go up for WoW tokens. So if you plan to stay in the game, then it's also a good idea to know when expansions and new games are to be released, and then use this information to stockpile and use the news to generate a better income for you.

You can read more about WoW Tokens from the official announcement from Blizzard, and see how this will affect your play and allow you to optimize Cashing Out WoW Tokens.

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