Change Wild Battle Pets Skins – WoW

Change Wild Battle Pets SkinsThis trick will allow you to Change Wild Battle Pets Skins in World of Warcraft. It's mainly just a skin changer, but may also change the skills of the pets. The main thing is to go out hunting for a Wild Battle Pet, and then use this trick on it.

Change Wild Battle Pets Skins

Warning, if you like the skin on your pet, then do not do this trick. It's a permanent effect on your battle pet, and will change the way it looks, for good. Due to the nature of this effect, and the fact that it doesn't give you an advantage over another player, it is highly unlikely you will be banned for the use of this trick.

In either case, here are the instructions on how to Change Wild Battle Pets Skins...

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This can lead to some hilarious looking pets, such as Flying Sheep, if you catch a Moth. Also some unobtainable pet appearances, such as the Baby Polar Bear and Compy. It works in pvp battle pets. Icons and names don't change but its fun to watch my Compy using Emperor Crab skills.

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This Change Wild Battle Pets Skins trick was found and reported on Feb 2, 2018. We cannot guarantee how long this will last, so get in on the action now.

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