Change your in-game sounds – WoW guide

I have a really simple guide here, which allows you to Change your in-game sounds. This is useful when you like listening to the sounds in the game but don't want to hear some of them, or when you want to replace sounds with other cool effects - like a Star Trek Phaser sound...

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Change your in-game sounds guide

Change your in-game soundsThe first thing to Change your in-game sounds you need to know, is that you will need to have your sounds in OGG format. If you download sounds in WAV, AAC, WMA or MP3, you will need to convert them first. If you don't already have a program to do it for you, you can use Format Factory.

After you have your OGG file, you will need to create a folder in your WoW game folder. Name is "Sound". In that folder, you will then need to create a folder called "Spells".

Now personally, I want to remove a sound so I am going to do this the easy way and just create a text file (without adding anything to the file) in Notepad, and save it as the spell you want to remove. So at this point, you can either replace with another sound or just use a blank file. 

For this example, we are going to use the name divineshield.ogg. We will place this file within the Spells folder. If the file is empty, then no sound will play when Divine Shield is cast. If it has an actual sound byte, then it will play that sound for you instead.

You can use this trick Change your in-game sounds for any spell which you would prefer to hear as something else, or to mute said sounds, the choice is yours.

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