COD Mail Trap – AH Manipulation

COD Mail TrapThe COD Mail Trap is a brilliant way to do some AH Manipulation to make a bit of extra gold on the side in World of Warcraft or Rift. I call it a trap, because we're going to be the buyer, and not the seller in this method. We will in fact be trapping the seller into a soft-scam. It's a dual faceted scam, but is a minor one, other than it makes us money, either way we do it, as the buyer.

I had someone I know, pronounce COD, as in the fish. COD, is actually an abbreviation where C.O.D. stands for Cash (or coin) On Delivery. It means you send an item to me, and I pay for it, when I pick up my mail and agree to pay for the item.

COD Mail Trap

Mind you, this COD Mail Trap will work on any game, which offers a COD mail system. World of Warcraft has one, as does Rift. I am not entirely sure which other games offers it. It's easy to do and requires only 2 characters. These can be on the same account or different accounts, or you can work with a friend.

So the method I mentioned is dual faceted. We can use it to force people to buy our products off the Auction House, and if it's not selling, it's a great method to get them sold. We can also use it to invest in futures, where the future price of an item is more than the current price on the Auction House. I will go into each of them in just a moment.

It is not possible to do both scams combined, AFAIK. Any attempt will likely end in a loss - but you're welcome to prove me wrong...

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