Complete Shipyard Missions Quicker

TComplete Shipyard Missions Quickerhere is a little trick which will allow you to Complete Shipyard Missions Quicker. Mind you, I'm talking about the ones which take a few days, because you need to farm Apexis Crystals. There is a simple trick, which will allow you to farm Apexis Crystals quicker, so that you don't have to wait 2-3 days to complete a shipyard mission.

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Complete Shipyard Missions Quicker

The trick to Complete Shipyard Missions Quicker is really quite simple. Build a mage tower in your garrison. Then, farm ogre waystones to use for the work-orders. You also get Apexis Crystals from the work orders.

Now to farm Ogre Waystones the quickest way possible, refer to this video...

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