Converting WoW Gold to Money

Recently, in a conversation, I was discussing how to go about Converting WoW Gold to Money. Money of course being US Dollars, or other currencies or Bitcoin. It was after a long chat on botting, and using bots to make real life money, via WoW Gold. The problem which usually ensues, is that once you bot the gold, the gold raises suspisions when its transferred in large chunks off the account. There are a few solutions, but the final solution, I think is the most ingenious.

Converting WoW Gold to Money

Converting WoW Gold to MoneySo the best way, is to have a non-active account, or perhaps a low level account which makes a guild bank, and automatically makes all other persons in the guild an officer who can change how much gold can be pulled out of the guild bank at one time. This allows a user to join the guild for the express purpose of withdrawing large amounts of gold. Since the leader's account isn't active, it's a bit hard to be banned, but there is a lot of trust needed for the buyer and the seller. 

Another way, which is one of the elder methods, is to sell items off the AH which have little to no value. This method loses a small amount, unless traded on the neutral AH, in which case it costs some significant fees.

Mailing gold, is almost always an instant ban, but can be used for small amounts. However in today's game, it's rather insignificant.

The final method to Converting WoW Gold to Money, which I consider the most ingenious, but also limited, is to purchase WoW Tokens. Each WoW token gives you $15 in your balance, and then can be used to purchase game keys. If done correctly, will allow you to buy and sell game keys directly to consumers (or to offer RAF leveling for money), which in turn means you convert the monies under Blizzard's nose. Should your account ever be banned, the balance will not be affected, nor any of the other keys.

However, this method to Converting WoW Gold to Money (via WoW Tokens), is also slow. This is because you can only have one WoW Token on your account at a time. So buy a token for around 90k in gold, and then buy a WOW Token to convert to cash, can be very slow.

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The alternative method to Converting WoW Gold to Money, is to sell to a Chinese exchange. But the risk of getting your account banned, is very large. But selling large quantities of gold, is going to net you a pretty good fortune as well, which should help cover the loss of the account. Of course you can also try to sell it yourself on various marketplaces, trade forums, and mmo auctions sites like Players Auctions, but these sites can also have high fees, or an enormous risk.


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