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Corrupted Ashbringer GuideThis is the guide to the Corrupted Ashbringer Skin. Call it an Easter Egg, or just something that is a bit hidden. Either way, it's a method which will help you to obtain the skin. Please note, items to collect the Corrupted Ashbringer Skin were selling really well and for really high prices, until word got out on how to obtain the items.

Corrupted Ashbringer Skin Guide

Nat Pagle's Guide to Extreme Anglin' is needed for unlock the Corrupted Ashbringer Skin (see image on top right), that book drops from dead players in Alterac Valley. 

If you are Paladin and you want to unlock this skin you must have the following items:

dm-northDire Maul North

  • Near the southwest corner in Fengus' courtyard
  • Under the ramp near which Slip'kik patrols
  • Directly behind the Observer

Dire Maul East

  • Near Lethtendris (Did this over 100 times, saw 10 Dusty Tomes, spawn rate is 10% so far)
  • In the big drop down area at entrance, middle along the east wall.
  • North end of the ledge (directly above the big door), between a pack of lashers and a big tree.
  • In the Shrine of Eldretharr (End of the instance, by the root that Alzzin the Wildshaper walks up to).

Dire Maul West

  • The Southwest corner of the first courtyard

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Corrupted Ashbringer Skin Guide Steps

  1. Have artifact knowledge 12 (might be slightly lower).
  2. Get both pieces of Nat Pagle's book from Dire Maul and Alterac Valley.
  3. Bring them to Sister Elda in the paladin order hall, and she'll give you the complete book.
  4. Bring the book and Nefarian's head to Prince Tortheldrin in Dire Maul.
  5. Speak to Bardu Sharpeye (H) / Alexia Ironknife (A) in Western Plaguelands.
  6. Read Isillien's journal in Hearthglen.
  7. Kill the Large Vile Slime in WPL, which drops Timolain's Phylactery.
  8. Talk to Timolain the Accursed, who will spawn.
  9. Fish up the Shard of Darkness (reportedly taking 400 - 2000 attempts) in the river next to the slime.
  10. Bring the shard to Lord Tyrosus in the order hall.

Lord Tyrosus will then take you to Acherus where the Four Horsemen will make the shard into the Heart of Corruption, allowing you to re-corrupt Ashbringer. The quest line is an homage to speculation that you could obtain Ashbringer back in vanilla.

VIP Tip:

Note: If you don't have fishing, you can still get this Corrupted Ashbringer Skin. Instead of fishing up Shard of Darkness, you can instead kill the nearby slimes. However they have a similar drop rate to fishing, and the time to respawn can be as much as 12 hours. Also, they hit really hard.

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  1. nou says:

    Used Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm and I got it on the very next cast. Probably just coincidence though.

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