Create Server Lag – WoW Cheat

I came across a method to Create Server Lag in World of WarcraftCreate Server Lag - WoW Cheat. For those of you who aren't familiar with the different types of lag, let me explain them first. There are a few different types of lag, screen lag is when your grafix card cannot handle the amount of polygons being thrown at it, so your frames per second drops, as your computer can't handle the lag. PING is associated with lag, this is the time it takes to send a command to and from the server. If your connection is far enough from the servers then you can experience a delayed lag, which can cause your character to die in games. The third type of lag is when we overload a game server, so that the game lags for everyone or just those in a particular map. 

Create Server Lag

In World of Warcraft, the game servers are setup to be chained with multiple servers handling various maps. Crashing one map, can result in some awesome game exploits. Crashing a game server can also do this, but it gives everyone the same opportunities and can cause some serious complaints, which in turn gets the lag bug fixed fast. 

Known exploits of server lag

In the past those who were able to Create Server Lag caused enough damage that the game server could actually crash. And again, this opens up possibilities for interesting cheats, the chief and foremost of them being Dupe Bugs. A Dupe Bug, can occur when the game crashes before a complete save occurs. But due to the way games are handled these days, they often assign a ID number to to items. This helps to prevent dupe bugs, but its not fool proof.

The "Create Server Lag" method

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