Create Symbol Guild Name Trick – WoW

I am about to share with you a secret which can be used to Create Symbol Guild Name. Create Symbol Guild Name TrickBy this I mean, on US and Oceanic Servers, it's possible to create a guild name using characters from different languages including: Chinese, Korean, Cyrillic (Russian), Japanese, or any other silly character. 

Create Symbol Guild Name

I should mention, if someone complains, a GM can easily change it to something else. So it's not fool proof. Also, its gonna cost you (in more ways than one), to change the guild name in this manner.

When you created the guild, or inherited it, you might not have been able to change the guild name to non-English characters. There is however this method which will allow it. Personally, I like to do things like use a slightly different letter, or set of letters-ish to create names which can't easily be typed. In other words, you have to learn the special alt code and/or font to do it with. But however you decide to do it, and whatever you choose as your method, you will now be able to do.

Create Symbol Guild Name Instructions

The first thing you want to do, is head on over to Google Translate, and choose your name. Now I simply chose to to translate Elite to Korean as an example, and came up with 엘리트. Now, the screenshots included below are a different name, and a different currency, but you get the idea. Personally I know this work on the US Game, I assume it works on the EU version as well, but haven't tested it.

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