Daily MMO Workout Routine


Daily MMO Workout RoutineWhile this Daily MMO Workout Routine was actually made for World of Warcraft, there is no reason you can't use it while playing any other MMO including Rift, Wildfire, Neverwinter, Lotro, etc. I don't however seeing this apply to Plant versus Zombies or MyVegas (...just sayin).

Why am I posting this Daily MMO Workout Routine on a guide and cheat site? Because I know how unhealthy we all can be, and a little workout while playing is very possible. In fact this workout video by TeamSasa is a very easy to follow workout. Some of the exercises can be done with a chair, but the Fitness Ball is recommended as it will be a better workout and better suited (as well as more comfy on your hiney) for the purpose of this exercise routine. 

Daily MMO Workout Routine

Daily MMO Workout Routine - (because the video is hard to read and the info passes quickly)

The video will show you how to do each of the following exercises. Do the following whenever you...

Accept Quest - Jumping Burpee
Complete Quest - 1 Armed Push-ups, Reverse Planche, Leg Raises, Typewriters
Auto-run and Follow - Hold legs out
Menu - Bobble Squat
Non-combat Short Action Bar- Stand up into a Calf Raise
Death - Grab Ball and run to other side of room
Long Action Bar - Hold Half Squat on ball
Public Transportation and Cut Scene - Plank on ball until failure then hold legs out
Cut scene - Plank
Eat or Drink - Hold Low Squat
Load Screen - Pistol Squat on Each Leg
Level Up - Backflip Burpee, Dance then Bow

WARNING: Do not attempt a backflip, if you do not already know how to do one, without proper support and spotters. Additionally, a children's ball from Wallmart is not an acceptable replacement for a Fitness Ball. Serious injury can occur if you use improper equipment.

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As a side note, this might come as a shocker... but a friend of mine, a fellow gamer and entrepreneur ended up having a double bypass after a heart-attack. He played games and sat in front of his computer all day. His vice - a bag of potato chips, everyday, as he played. Had he been working out, he might not have had the attack. I am not saying you need to do the full Daily MMO Workout Routine, but at least a small portion of it can help to avoid this type of risk.

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