Daily Mount Kills Drop List – WoW

There are several mobs which should be encapsulated in a Daily Mount Kills Drop List. This list, will provide you with various mobs which you should hunt down and kill on each of your characters. They have the potential to drop rare mounts, which you can then keep or sell.

Daily Mount Kills Drop List

Antoran Wastes:

Daily Mount Kills Drop ListBlistermaw - Crimson Slavermaw
Houndmaster Kerrax - Vile Fiend
Varga - Fel-spotted Egg


Naroua - Fel-spotted Egg


Wrangler Kravos - Maddened Chaosrunner
Venomtail Skyfin - Lambent Mana-Ray
Skreeg the Devourer - Acid Belcher
Baruut the Bloodthirsty - Baarut the Brisk --> Toy with speed increase!
Kaara the Pale - Fel-spotted Egg
Sabuul - Fel-spotted Egg

All rares which drop Fel-Spotted Eggs are in the post, you can hold multiple eggs at once. After 5 days, they change into Cracked Fel-Spotted Egg. Once they hatch, I recommend holding on to the mounts in your bags/bank since they're Unique. I hope this avoids getting doubles, like the raptors from Isle of Giants.

Daily Mount Kills - Fel-Spotted Egg Loot:

The last rare-drop mount Biletooth Gnasher seems to drop from all rares on Argus. You can loot each rare once a day with each alt. Camping these rares seems to be a waste of time too, since they're on rotations.

A certain group of rares is up for a certain time, respawning every few minutes. After their rotation time, they despawn for several hours. Meaning: If they're up, they'll be up for a few hours. If they're not up, just wait and do other stuff to fill your time.

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Daily Mount Kills Tom Tom Coordinates

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Thanks goes out to yothug2, for this Daily Mount Kills Drop List & guide

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