Darkfall Online (DFO): Minotaur King terrain exploit

You must use the same type of tower as in the Cairn Giant post.
My advice is look at the Giant tower, then compare it to the buildings in the minotaur king spawn. (It is the North West corner tower)

How it works:

A) Gain aggro on the king by hitting it 3-6 times consecutively
-Do not parry
-Make sure the king hits you if monster seems uninterested

B) Sprint up the tower with the king chasing you (from Ground floor to 2nd)
-Give enough space so the monster does not get stuck going up the ramp/stairs (Hug the left wall)

C) Once the king is on the 2nd floor with you. Make sure he is still aggroed on you (throwing rocks) and run to the 3rd floor to break his line of sight.
-King will now stand still stuck on the 2nd floor.

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