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Darrens Bombing Run tricksThere are several tricks that you can use with the World of Warcraft Quest called Darrens Bombing Run of Awesomeness. If you do not have the quest yet, you can join a battleground, join the Looking for Raid queue, or just ask in trade chat for someone to share it with you.

The object of the Darrens Bombing Run of Awesomeness is to slay 1000 dudes. Now I am not sure if this is a reference to Bill and Ted's Excellent adventure, or something else entirely. At this point, there is not much information on the  quest itself. However, there will be tricks and exploits, and we're going to share some of them with you... till they get fixed anyways.

Why aren't these for VIP only? Because if they aren't fixed soon, they will be, and we want all the non-VIPs, that what we have within the site is accurate and current (till it gets fixed anyways).

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Darrens Bombing Run tricks

So like I said, go ahead and grab the quest, Darren's Bombing Run of Awesomeness.

Using this quest, you get a cutscene and end up flying on an Mist of Pandaria Drake and then having Ironhorde Canons running all over the place. In any type of Battleground or even a Rated Battleground, it can wreck havoc on the other faction.

Using this quest you can capture bases, you can loot chests, even get out of combat if done right. Enjoy the Darrens Bombing Run trick for as long as they last...

Base Capture with the Darrens Bombing Run trick...

  1. Get the quest.
  2. Have the quest in your quest log.
  3. Run to a Base/flag that you wish to capture.
  4. Have a friend share you the quest.
  5. Don't accept the quest yet.
  6. Click the base you want to capture.
  7. Accept the quest.
  8. Base captured.

Flag Capture with the Darrens Bombing Run trick...

  1. Search for battleground/rated
  2. Get Wsg/Twinpeaks
  3. Take the Enemy Flag
  4. Run to your base
  5. Stand on your Flag Spot
  6. Friend shares the quest
  7. Accept the quest
  8. Wait till enemy flag carrier Dies & Returned
  9. ??
  10. Flag Captured.

Interrupt Enemy Base Captures with Darrens Bombing Run trick...

  1. Join a Battleground/Rated
  2. Defend a base
  3. Have friend share the quest(party outside bg)
  4. Accept the quest
  5. You can use AOE spells such as Blizzard on the Flag while flying
  6. Interrupt enemy base cappers without them being able to stop you.

Use em while they last. If Blizzard isn't already working on a fix for the World of Warcraft Darrens Bombing Run tricks, then I would be heavily surprised.

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