Death Knight Class Guide – Full PDF Download

Death Knight Class Guide

World of Warcraft has changed and so has the Death Knight. This Death Knight Class Guide for World of Warcraft will go over all the important changes made to the Death Knight, including everything which has changed since Warlords of Draenor has been released.

Death Knight Class GuideThe Death Knight is considered to be a melee character. It can be an effective tank, and it can also deal a fair amount of damage. You can find information on the different Death Knight specializations and builds depending on what you want to do with this Death Knight Class Guide. This Death Knight Class Guide will talk about all specs for the Death Knight, go over the different recommended spell rotations, recommended gear and sockets, as well as both PVP and Leveling tips for the Warlords of Draenor expansion to World of Warcraft.

Death Knight Class Guide Features

  • Death Knight Preparation
  • Death Knight Creation Guide
  • Head-to-Toe Death Knight equipment list
  • Death Knight Talent Builds
  • Inner Working and Statistics Explained
  • Death Knight Instruction to PvP
  • Skills and Spell Augmentations

Download the Death Knight Class Guide

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Unlike some of the other classes within World of Warcraft, the Death Knight has a variety of different ways with which to make WoW gold easily. Depending on what type of player you are, you can make a bit of gold by doing professions, dungeons, and gathering. It’s just a matter of what you enjoy doing as a Death Knight. 

With the release of Warlords of Draenor, the Death Knight can also make money by fixing up their Garrison properly. It is advised for the Death Knight to build up their garrison as fast as possible while leveling up to level 100, once it becomes available. When the Death Knight’s Garrison is level one, they will be able to put one small building and one large building into their garrison. For making gold, the Enchanting building is a good bet to put into their garrison. By having this building, the Death Knight will be able to disenchant the items that they receive even without the actual Enchanting skill.

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