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Decrease Rendering

Decrease RenderingWhy would you Decrease Rendering in WoW? There was a time when I played World of Warcraft religiously, I even had dreams about being in the game. I played through to Wrath of the Lich King. But then something happened. While waiting for the next expansion, I fell in love with Minecraft. I played this game, dreamed in blocks and even low end graphix.... Well as I found out, its actually possible to Decrease Rendering in WoW, bringing back some of those yearnings of yesteryear...

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Decrease Rendering

In order to Decrease Rendering, all you need to do, is type in chat one of the following commands.

/console set RenderScale 0.1
This will give you old school nearly 8bit graphics, much like Runescape.

/console set RenderScale 0.5
This will set your graphics to look like Vanilla WoW (also good for increasing frame rate on older systems or for botting)


/console set RenderScale 1.0
to return to normal graphics in World of Warcraft.


For those who haven't figured it out yet, the image above showing 8-bit, is actually for the game Trove (from the makers of Rift and Archeage). It's based on the game Minecraft, in the sense that you can build things within the game and it's blocky in nature, but thats where the similarity ends. I wanted to find an 8-bit World of Warcraft type image, something blocky as well, so I could use it as a thumbnail for this guide to Decrease Rendering in WoW... but couldn't really find one. The game does not actually become blocky, more pixelated then anything else, but it is nice to be able to Decrease Rendering.

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