Defeat Mythic Zek’Voz – WoW Walkthrough

Defeat Mythic Zek'VozWe tend to Defeat Mythic Zek'Voz as a set of 'maneuvers' if you will. We used a similar approach to Thogar in BRF because it was the same kind of idea. Everything is entirely scripted and you have combinations of mechanics and adds that overlap in predictable ways so it's simply a matter of learning how to execute each ' maneuver' in sequence. 

To teach you to Defeat Mythic Zek'Voz, I am going to start with a basic overview, and then go into specifics on your team build and specific maneuvers, followed by a few tips for this guide.

Defeat Mythic Zek'Voz

To help you understand what I mean, here's how we break down the fight.

  1. Pull the boss where he is standing and have ranged players stand where the 'middle ring' will be for the first surging darkness. When the surging goes out it will be followed quickly by the first roiling deceits. The reason why we pull the boss where he is standing is so that players can drop the clouds wherever and we won't be coming back to this part of the room at any stage in the fight so placement doesn't matter. After the surging darkness all players should spread for the lasers and the boss is dragged forwards to where the first Voidweaver spawns. Tell your players that the key to any mechanic that is countered by spreading is to a) find a spot, b) always go to the same spot every pull so your teammates can predict what you're going to do and c) don't jump around like a monkey. If people fail at this after you explain it to them then they're not capable of following a simple instruction and I'd put them on the block to be replaced. Wait for the 3 lasers then the raid will collapse onto where the first Voidweaver spawns.

  2. The second 'manoeuvre' begins when the adds spawn. The adds should be brought over the Voidweaver. This can be done either by a) using an AoE grip or b) kiting the mobs over the point. Once they're on that point you should use stuns and ursols or ring of peace (etc) to hold them there while you aoe them and players put a bit of distance between them and the adds because the DoT does a lot of damage and should be avoided if possible. You should obliterate the first voidweaver then move to the second one. After the second one is killed, wait out the tank mechanic then face the boss so that his claws will go into the exact center of the triangle made by the three void weavers (you can mark this spot if it helps) and that will be the center of the next surging darkness. Leave the 3rd add CC'd unless you are extremely confident you can kill it before the surging / lasers come out. Meanwhile you have some more roiling deceits and you should make a big effort to get these as far away as humanly possible since there will be harder ones later that you'd rather reserve the 'easy drop off spots' for. Once the boss is positioned the whole raid should spread out in a circle around the boss approximately where the first 'middle ring' will be in preparation for eye beams. This laser overlap is very easy since the lasers come early in the surging and are over quickly. Once the lasers are done, wait out the surging then kill the 3rd Voidweaver. Remember that the longer the adds live, the more damage the voidbolt does. This add has been alive for some time so any missed kick will probably one shot a player.

  3. After the 3rd voidweaver dies we reset the boss back to where the first one initially spawned and then we have some free dps time. The first mechanic here is roiling deceit, and then some eye beams so easy dps. Immediately after the eye beams we stack again to bait the adds. Now this is the tricky one. As we're stacking for the adds, the boss is again dragged forward so that his claws go into the group in the center if the triangle and we're stacked up in the 'middle ring' so we're safe at first. There are a number of ways you can deal with these adds, but common things you should do is a) have CDs so you can kill them fast and b) control them. If they melee someone and put the dot on them (which has a big slow built into it) it's unlikely they'll be able to dodge the surging darkness. once we get the adds gripped and controlled, we have our ranged players use the lock portal that goes to the other side of the 'middle ring'. This is because we don't really need to kill the little adds right away as long as they're not meleeing us and putting the slow on anyone who can't deal with it. After the surging we have roiling deceit again, and then eye beams. You simply deal with these while cleaning up the last of the adds.

  4. Again, once you kill off the 3rd voidweaver, you'll have a big period where there isn't a lot going on. 20-30 seconds after (depending on when you kill the voidweaver) you'll get roiling deceits overlapping with surging darkness. Again, position the boss so that the center of the surging is in the middle of the triangle. This overlap is much harder than the first time in maneuver 1. This is because at the start of the fight you get the roiling deceits later so you can usually drop them off after the surging ends, and if you can't then it's less punishing if you drop it somewhere bad cause it's in the top of the room. Here they come earlier so you'll be dropping them during the surging and you will very likely need to run out into the surging to drop them using strong DR cds. You also get a tank mechanic during the surging just to make things more interesting. After the surging you again spread for eye beams then stack for adds if you're not going to avoid them.

  5. If you're pushing before this add spawn then you can skip to the last phase. Something to note in the video I linked is that the boss was 45% when the adds came, but 41% after everyone blew their load on the first voidweaver with the little adds. This means we transitioned poorly. Try to avoid this. Note that the transition will happen a bit before 40% - somewhere between 41% and 40%. Otherwise, not alot happens here, just zerg the adds and push the boss before anything else of note occurs.

  6. In the last phase the group should loosely spread behind the boss and make sure that when they time out, not to fear other players. Some strats involve people running to a designated MC spot or what have you. This is not needed and a) just makes the person with the double damage waste time running and b) often spawns the MC far away so they're not easily swapped to by melee. It honestly doesn't matter where you time out as long as no other players are in the big purple swirly indicator that bliz built into the game. Once you have this in your players heads you can assign an order for DPS if you feel like it, and just keep running deceits and spreading for eyebeams while you nuke the boss.

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Defeat Mythic Zek'Voz Video

Following this video, we show you the specifics with your team along with breakdowns of each fight. Mind you this is a completely average guild which went on to Defeat Mythic Zek'Voz. Anyone can do it, with this guide and understanding each of the maneuvers.

Defeat Mythic Zek'Voz Specifics

Set-Up and Raid Configuration

  • Ranged > Melee, though being melee heavy is not too much of an issue providing you can spread during eye beams.
  • 4 Heal the fight; add phases will seem healing intensive at first but once things get cleaned up you'll see it's doable.
  • Position markers like the map on the right for the adds. Use any remaining markers as reference points for the orb in Phase 2.
  • Try to bring either a DK or a Demon Hunter tank for the mass grip. This is not required (we managed fine without), but it does make your life easier when the adds spawn.
  • Have your healing team leader assign raid cooldowns for add phases. Ensure you have at least 2 strong external cooldowns available for each Surging Darkness/Roiling Deceit overlap (we used P-Sup for the 1st and Life Cocoon or Sacrifice for the 2nd).
  • Assign two strong types of humanoid crowd control to both Purple and Orange marker for the Nerubian Voidweavers, with two back-up players in-case there are any issues. I recommend DH Imprison, Hunter Trap and Polymorph as your best options.
  • This fight is all about dealing with a few bad overlaps; once you overcome these and reach phase 2 with everyone alive, you're basically done.
  • We did not assign an orb order. This is explained below but in my opinion it is not worth doing - just make a couple of rules.


  • Keep the boss central; yellow marker worked well for us; he should be facing the back of the room and the raid spread behind him in the large open space between the three markers.
  • Poorly placed clouds can bite you in phase 2, so ensure everyone is clear that clouds must not be placed anywhere within the main chamber - instead they should be dropped by the door or by the console at the far end of the room. Players should actively out-range the boss to make sure their cloud is as far away as possible - particularly on first kills where damage may not be as high and you need the space.
  • Eye beams really hurt. Have everyone /range 5 and adhere to it. Call every spread clearly and in advance. Crack down early and often on people who are not paying attention during eye beam overlaps. Make it people's #1 priority.
  • Remember - you can and should position the Surging Darkness to your advantage. Wherever Zek'Voz's hands are when he casts it are what become the centre of the surging darkness ring. Try to position it so this spot is never directly on-top of an add that is being nuked, and is not too central.

Roiling Deceit

  • This will cause a lot of deaths when it overlaps with Surging Darkness. Avoid those altogether by telling raiders to move out to the edges of the room with 5 seconds to go on their Cloud, regardless of whether they will get hit or not. This will usually mean that two players will be moving out into the surging darkness with clouds each time. Assign an external to the first person and an external to the second, and make sure they call their name in advance so no-one misses it.
  • There is no excuse for deaths or badly placed clouds if an external isn't called for. ^
  • Use a prominent (bar-style) WeakAura to track the timer if people have issues with this.

Eye Beam

  • This too can overlap with Surging Darkness. Instruct the raid to spread 5 yards and make this their top priority. The Eye Beam arrow lasts for about a second, but it does give people time to move away from the affected player. The affected player should stand still unless they are very confident they can move safely.

Void Lash

  • Tanks should be vocal about this cleave, particularly during Surging Darkness. Ensure they are giving the raid advance warning when it is due to come in so players can adjust accordingly.
  • Tanks should attempt to face the boss to the outer edges of the room at all times, and Void Lash should never be directly on-top of a Voidweaver.

Adds (1): Silithid Warriors

  • Warriors should be stacked on-top of the first Voidweaver target at star marker. Always use Star as this is closest to their spawn point.
  • Use a grip if you have one, or instruct the whole raid to stand directly on-top of the Voidweaver as soon as it is safe to do so. Don't let anyone be out of position as this will slow add kill times, and these need to die quick. Do not move to the next Voidweaver until these Warriors are dead.
  • As soon as they are stacked, use AoE stuns and cooldowns to ensure they die and do not apply their debuff to too many people.
  • The second set of warriors spawn directly after and Eye Beam. Wait for the third cast of Eye Beam to finish, then immediately collapse on-top of the add at Star Marker. Save 3 minute cooldowns for this set of adds, and use a well-placed Ring of Peace to knock them away from the group during the Surging Darkness that follows.

Adds (2): Nerubian Voidweavers

  • The adds spawning at Purple and Orange need to be hard crowd controlled immediately. Keep a close eye to ensure you don't have any trigger happy multi-DoTers or wayward Lazer Matrices breaking them. Assign backups as mentioned above.
  • The entire raid and the boss should be grouped atop the Yellow Marker at spawn - instruct strong Single Target/Cleavers to focus the Voidweaver, with AoE heavy classes picking up initial damage on the warriors.
  • As soon as it is safe to do so (no Surging Darkness, no high health warriors), the entire raid should move to the next Voidweaver. We always moved clockwise - first to purple, then to yellow - to ensure there was no confusion.
  • If a Surging Darkness is about to go off (which will happen on Adds #2), do not move to the next Voidweaver until it has finished.
  • Use Solar Beams or long Silences if any add breaks free during Surging Darkness and cannot be re-crowd controlled.

Orbs & Phase 2

  • When reaching phase 2 at 40%, the orbs will begin spawning. Assign any Shaman with Ankh to take the first orbs, irrespective of whether they are healers or DPS. Having all players alive for longer will help you out here a lot.
  • Once two DPS players have the orb buff simultaneously, immediately use Bloodlust, Heroism, Time Warp etc. It is worth using 3 minutes and second potions at this point if they are available, irrespective of whether people have an orb buff or not.
  • Let players who have their damage cooldowns available take orbs next. We asked Mages to remain free to take any that spawn during Surging Darkness with Ice Block.
  • Before being Mind Controlled, players will create an AoE fear 5 yards around themselves. It's vital people are not hit by this, but also vital that players aren't far away from the raid when they become attackable. We remained 5 yards spread for the entire duration of Phase 2 for this reason, and asked Orb Players to move close to melee before being Mind Controlled.
  • Roiling Deceit and Eye Beam are still present and should be handled exactly as they were in Phase 1 - including the use of External Cooldowns during any nasty overlaps. Don't be afraid to use Raid Cooldowns as a precaution during Eye Beam - you will not need them for adds any more.

The Overlaps

  • Surging Darkness #1 and Roiling Deceit. Easy enough to deal with. Ensure the first two Roiling Deceit targets are given a powerful external CD with 5 seconds to go - so it lines up nicely with the Surging Darkness tick that they will inevitably take. The third cloud does not need a cooldown as they will have time to run out.
  • Surging Darkness #2 and Eye Beam. Ensure everyone watches their Range Radar like a hawk and those targeted are not moving erratically. The first and third ticks of Eye Beam line up closely with the first and second ticks of Surging Darkness. These players should stay still if necessary and use a strong Personal CD if they think they might get clipped.
    • Note: Void Lash also occurs during the third/fourth tick and should be handled with care.
  • Surging Darkness #3 and Adds. This caused the majority of our wipes - have a robust plan of action and develop an understanding amongst raiders about just how dangerous it is to be melee'd by a Warrior add. Ensure the raid stacks quickly atop the first Voidweaver; that the Warrior adds are focused down and stunned, and that the entire raid uses their 3 minute cooldowns to kill them. As soon as Surging Darkness has spawned, drop a Ring of Peace in the safe zone and ensure the entire raid stacks within it. Try to use this ring to knock the warriors neatly away, too.
    • Note: Void Lash also occurs during this overlap.
  • Surging Darkness #4 and Eye Beam. This is the easiest of the overlaps to handle. Eye Beam starts ticking directly after the fourth Surging Darkness tick. This gives you very limited time to spread out, to ensure players spread during the surging where possible.
    • Note: Void Lash occurs at the beginning of this Surging Darkness and needs to be watched for.
    • Note: We skipped this, but I believe clouds also occur during his Surging Darkness and need to be taken out with an external.

A Note on DPS Pushing

  • If the Boss is at or below 50% after the second set of adds has been finished, there is a good chance you will be able to push him prior to the next adds spawning.
  • If he is at 52-53% and you have all of your dps alive, you could use Potions and still push him - saving yourself the hassle of dealing with 3rd adds and significantly speeding up the fight.
  • Don't aim to do this if it's not comfortable/easily achievable. Third adds do not pose a huge threat. If you're going to take third adds, stop dps on the boss at 45% until they are dead.
  • The last 15% will last a very long time. Do not get comfortable and don't let people die to anything that is not mind control.

Final Tips and Closing Comments to Defeat Mythic Zek'Voz

  • This fight is basically a wipe-by-wipe learn of each new overlap and interaction. Don't overload your raiders with information; just ensure you have the calls right. Without a doubt the most important things to emphasize to your group are:
    • Eye Beam Spreads
    • Cloud Management
    • Add order and priority
    • Add #2/Surging Overlap
    • When you start hitting phase 2 - keep comms clear. Everyone will attempt to call orbs or co-ordinate orders. This will mean vital communications about Eye Beam or Void Lash are missed and will result in wipes.
  • Make sure that if you have affliction warlocks in your comp that their orb lines up with their cooldowns and lust, aff locks have the highest burst potential in the game being able to do easily 30-35k dps for a sustained 20 seconds (without external buffs like orb or lust), they can easily do 100k dps with the orb and since aff locks do like 8-10k dps outside of cooldowns, their job will be done afterwards.
  • Use 3 minute cooldowns on the add spawns pull and they will be up for the second set of adds. 2nd adds are a much tougher dps push that the first, but we had the same issue when we started learning the fight. As you optimize you will notice significantly more damage on the adds. The two main things to remember are: have the whole raid stack at the closest add pre-spawn so they can be grouped quickly, tell AoE heavy classes to focus those adds, and tell single target dps to focus hard on the Voidweaver. If you have logs running, take a look at uptime for those not dealing with warriors on the first add to see if you have any late swaps. Move quickly to the second and you should get Surging while nuking the third. Just Solar Beam it and have the ranged finish it off.

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Defeat Mythic Zek'Voz guide by _Azlar_, and _fmm.
Special thanks to MisuseOfMoose and Havikz
for additional tips

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