Demon Hunter Cheats – WoW 7.0.3

Demon Hunter CheatsHere are some Demon Hunter Cheats for WoW 7.0.3 which you will be able to use once you have LEGION up and running or the Demon Hunter class. Most of these are exploration cheats, but there are a few other useful tricks involved here. Watch the video to learn, and then the notes below to learn more which isn't included in the video.

WARNING: Some of these Demon Hunter Cheats can be considered Game Breaking - especially with switching locations with a healer to get them out of harms way. Use these cheats at your own risk, and try to mitigate your losses by not being obvious to others what you are doing.

Demon Hunter Cheats for WoW 7.0.3

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Didn't mention this in the video but the Demon Hunter infernal strike method at 2.05 works for rogue grappling hook and warriors heroic leap also, these are essentially the same abilities for most practical purposes. Three players could win the game in 2 minutes.

This is quite a powerful technique: it seems at first hand you can't do much with these abilities because you get constant "you can't use that here" error messages. The trick is to use the method downhill or at equal height as much as possible and on the very edge of the lip of a slice of rock. It has applications far beyond this battleground.

All credit to Archvaldor for the Demon Hunter cheats/video/additional info

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