Dungeon Double Loot trick – Warmane Emulated WoW Server

Dungeon Double Loot trickThe Dungeon Double Loot trick, requires that you can solo a boss in a dungeon. It will allow you to skip all the trash in a dungeon to kill the boss, and then kill it again, thus allowing for the Dungeon Double Loot trick to come into effect.

Please note, this is confirmed working on the Warmane Emulated WoW Servers only. It may work elsewhere, but this is a set of servers we KNOW it works on. If you find another server this works with, please post a comment in the reply at the bottom, to list which servers this works with, along with their respected links.

Dungeon Double Loot trick for Warmane

When would you use the Dungeon Double Loot trick? You would mainly use it when you know that the Dungeon Boss has a good chance to drop an exceptional loot item like a rare mount. Or maybe, you know that there is a static chest, which always drops awesome loot. Maybe, there is a particular node you want to farm. These are all examples of what you can do with the Dungeon Double Loot trick.

I have confirmed that this works on nearly all 5 man dungeons on Lordaeron. Raids I am not done testing, but haven't had much success with anything else, but in theory this should also work in Raids, as long as there are no saves such as the boss going down.

The secret to the Dungeon Double Loot trick is simple. After you kill the boss, loot the chest, farm the node, or whatever, then follow these simple steps...

  1. Kill and or Loot what you want to farm again.
  2. Logout while still in the party.
  3. Log back in - QUICKLY
  4. You will now have the instance reset on you, allowing you to once again kill all the mobs and/or loot all the chests again.


  • Don't be the leader of the party.
  • Log out in a safe spot away from mobs which will likely aggro, should you log back in, with them on top of you..

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