Draenor Garrison Invasions to Farm Mounts

Someone asked the best way to farm old mounts. Here's a guide to use Draenor Garrison Invasions to Farm Mounts, which you might not already have. This is a video walkthrough on how to obtain some awesome old school mounts. If you already have one of the mounts, just skip the video as needed for the best use.

Hayden Hawke's Secret Gold Guide

Draenor Garrison Invasions to Farm Mounts

Intro 0:00

Mount chances 0:21 and 6:17

Draenor Garrison Invasions to Farm Mounts

How the Mount Chances Graphic works 0:43


What Are Garrison Invasions and how to start? 1:08

Garrison Full guide via WoWHead

Buildings that I choose for efficiency and goldmaking 1:36


Getting started with Apexis quest 1:51

Doing the Apexis Quests using Mage Tower 2:30

Where the quest takes place 2:36

Efficient way of doing Mok'gol Watchpost 2:48


Heading back to the Garrison 3:22

Trivial Quest checked on 3:44


Doing the Garrison Invasion: Map Strategy 3:51

Warning About Garrison Invasion 4:11

Suggestions on what to use for a Garrison Invasion 4:31

Timer has STARTED 4:45

Lost Peasant Objective 5:00

Horde Spy Objective 5:29


After the Timer is over 5:45

In case you don't get Platinum Grade 6:12


Draenor Garrison Invasions to Farm Mounts bonus tip: Before every invasion, buy an Enduring Vial of Swiftness from the Sergeant. It works like Bear Tartare, but better.

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Credit for this Draenor Garrison Invasions to Farm Mounts
goes to shockingnews213 and ForPortal for the bonus tip

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