Draenor Tailoring 655 – 5 Minute WoW Cheat

To be able to do the WoW Cheat for 5 Minute Draenor Tailoring 655, you need to follow a few simple steps. In the time it would take to go outside and smoke or make cereal for breakfast, is how long it's going to take you to level to your Draenor Tailoring to 655.

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5 Minute Draenor Tailoring 655

5 Minute Draenor Tailoring 655 Instructions :

5 Minute Draenor Tailoring 655First, train Apprentice Tailoring at Stormshield if you are Alliance or Warspear if you are Horde. Alternatively, you can also train at your Garrison if you have the Tailoring Plot.

Next, purchase and learn the Draenor Tailoring Scroll right beside the Apprentice Trainer.

Now purchase or farm 3,250 Sumptuous Fur. Since we're going for quickness here, if you don't already have them, you should just purchase them.

Finally, craft any of the following Armor items: Sumptuous Cowl -or- Sumptuous Leggings -or Sumptuous Robes utilizing the Sumptuous Fur that you recently acquired. Each time you craft one of these, you will gain 10 skill points (this comes as of patch 6.2). At 50 Sumptuous Fur per item, you are going to create about 75 of these items. Sell them or 

Bonus Tip: Head to Dalaran and find the Tailoring Trainer and complete the quest Cloth Scavenging. It just takes 5 gold for the passive ability Cloth Scavenging. While the quest does say that it's only for Northrend mobs, this will in fact work on any mob if you have the required skill level to craft items of that level.

When you're ready to level 655-700, just follow WoWHead's Tailoring Guide for that portion of the leveling guide. It will take you a bit longer then it took you to get to 655 however.

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Thanks to SKITZ for this WoW Cheat to achieve 5 Minute Draenor Tailoring 655.


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