Druid Flying Cat Form Trick – WoW

It's possible to gain a Druid Flying Cat Form Bug, using a little trick. It should be noted that when you do this, others will also see you in your Druid Flying Cat Form as well, so it's not just a glitch that only you can see.

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Druid Flying Cat Form

Druid Flying Cat FormTo achieve this Druid Flying Cat Form, you need to simply follow these simple instructions:

  1. Enter skirmish.
  2. Pop the level 60 talent incarnation.
  3. Leave skirmish. You should now be in permanent "battlecat" incarnation form.
  4. Go into travel form and take off.

Druid Flying Cat Form Trick showoff video with instructions

As with all cheats and exploits, especially server side glitches, you should be wary of showing off. While this is only a visual glitch - which others can see - we don't recommend showing it off too much.

The only possible "trick" I see for this, is using it while offering to PVP someone, and then slowly rising in the air with this form active. I don't see it working in your advantage, other then to confuse someone.

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