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So we last updated the Dynasty Tycoon 2 Gold Guide for World of Warcraft a few months ago. It's not as popular as Hayden Hawke's Gold Guide, but there are still some of you who prefer it. As such, we have caught the latest release for you, and you can get it below.

[Released 20-7-16]

Easiest In-Game Gold Guide

Dynasty Tycoon 2 Gold Guide

There haven't been any major changes for this as of late but this version is just a small update making it usable during the pre-patch of LEGION.

Dynasty Tycoon 2 Gold Guide contains:

  • DynastyCore
  • DynastyTycoon
  • The Undermine Journal

It does not contain any of the following (we recommend Zygor's instead). If you still want to get them, you can purchase the guide.

  • Impulse - Key binds & Macro's
  • Booster - 1 to 110 Leveling Guide
  • Edge - Builds, Gear Optimization & Rotations

This addon is a great alternative to Trade Skill Master aka (TSM), for those who seem to struggle to set TSM up properly. Gathering materials such as ores & herb or farming cloth, leather and elemental reagents listed with competition tracker to give some heads up on how fast you'll be able to sell the farmed materials. There is a gold calculator build in to track how much you will actually farm per hour. A map route provided for several farming routes. Crafting with professions listed in the same way as gathering/farming is. Provided with competition and profit(Total costs to craft & profit in the end hence it get sold.) Dungeon farming, which dungeon is most profitable in gold per run clear up to 10 runs maximum before 1 hour lockout. Last but least the auction house module.

Dynasty Tycoon 2 Gold Guide Instructions:

  • dynasty-gold-guide-auctionDownload file (see below)
  • Open Archive
  • Extract it to your WorldofWarcraft/Interface/AddOns folder.
  • Read Dynasty Tycoon Manual
  • Open WoW, and ensure that the addon is selected.
  • Play Game - and enjoy

This is just a addon which can help you a lot in many ways of auctioning which should be paired with common auction house knowledge which you'll build up in time. The items which you try to merchant are not 100% guaranteed to be sold, although with the right knowledge you will be able to snatch specific goodies from the auction house with this addon, to turn those into huge profit makers. 

Be sure to make use of The Undermine Journal - Realm or Global as data gatherer when scanning the Auction House. I have included it in the zip file but you can download it from here:  The Undermine Journal via Curse.

Download Dynasty Tycoon 2 Gold Guide

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