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Dynasty Tycoon 2 Gold Guide was last updated on 31 Aug 2016 for WoW Legion. Please note that this is only the Auction module which contains DynastyCore, DynastyTycoon, and The Undermine Journal. It is only the Gold Guide portion of the Dynasty suite of software. If you want leveling guides (Dynasty Booster), use Zygor's. If you want Builds, Gear Optimization & Rotations (DynastyEdge), then use Dugi's. These guides are all free for our members on this site as well.

Easiest In-Game Gold Guide

Dynasty Tycoon 2 Gold Guide for WoW Legion

Dynasty Tycoon 2 Gold Guide is a great alternative to Trade Skill Master aka (TSM), for those who seem to struggle to set it up properly.

  • Gathering materials such as ores & herb or farming cloth, leather and elemental reagents listed with competition tracker to give some heads up on how fast you'll be able to sell the farmed materials. There is a gold calculator build in to track how much you will actually farm per hour. A map route provided for several farming routes.
  • Crafting with professions listed in the same way as gathering/farming is. Provided with competition and profit (total costs to craft versus potential for profit).
  • Dungeon farming, which dungeon are most profitable in gold per run. Clear up a maximum of 10 runs before a 1 hour lockout.
  • Last but not least the auction house module, which is easier to setup then TSM.

Installation of Dynasty Tycoon 2 Gold Guide

Installing Dynasty Tycoon 2 Gold Guide is probably one of the easiest things you can do.

  1. Download Dynasty Tycoon 2 Gold Guide (see below)
  2. Open zip and extract to your WorldofWarcraft/Interface/AddOns folder.
  3. Open game and enjoy.
  4. If you can't find the addon, you may have to select the option to load out of date addons.

Remember, some addons will claim you can sell the items on the AH. Selling on the AH is not a guaranteed sale. Instead in some ways, selling to a merchant is much more likely.

Download Dynasty Tycoon 2 Gold Guide

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Quick Guide for Dynasty Tycoon 2 Gold Guide

Be sure to make use of The Undermine Journal - Realm or Global as data gatherer when scanning the Auction House. They update it every few days with new data. I have included it in the zip file but you can download it from here: The Undermine Journal.

You can use your ingame scanner as well, but players who post Grey Pants for thousands of gold can really screw with the numbers.

  1. Load up Tycoon by clicking on the Dynasty Icon (Mana Flask) on your minimap ring. Then select the Tycoon Icon.
  2. If you're using The Undermine Journal, then select the "Data Source" dropdown box and select either TUJ (Realm) or TUJ (Global). Tycoon will now use TUJ for calculations.

Auctions give you a quick list of items which can be bought and resold for quick profit.

Dynasty Tycoon 2 Auction House
Dynasty Tycoon 2 AH Scan

Instances takes the average run time, what mobs are in the instance, the number of mobs in the instance, what each mob drops, then takes the drop rate from Wowhead and calculates it all together to get an average "worth" of each mob. This gives you a very accurate estimate of how much each instance will make.

Dynasty Tycoon 2 Instances

Professions will take the costs to make every recipe if you purchased all the mats from the Auction House. Then it will check the value of the finished product to determine if it's profitable. Then it will tell you how many recipes are profitable for each profession and the total amount of gold you could potentially make.

Crafting will tell you what recipes you can make for profit using the same calculations used for Professions.

Dynasty Tycoon 2 Crafting

Farming includes both Gathering and Farming Hotspots.
- Gathering: Takes the average number of nodes found per hour, the amount of material found per node, and the current value of the material on the market and calculates it to determine how much gold per hour you can make.
- Farming: Takes the average number of mobs you can kill per hour, what items drop from the mob, and the drop rate of all the items and calculates it to determine how much gold per hour you can make.

Dynasty Tycoon 2 Farming

Dynasty Tycoon 2 Herbing

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