Dynasty Tycoon WoW Gold Guide

Dynasty Tycoon WoW Gold GuideIf you look around at the various leveling guides, each of them are trying on one form or another to tap into the market of gold guides. You could almost thinnk of it as the Holy Grail of guides, because once you hit the level cap, you need something else to do. I have researched and reviewed many gold guides over the years and the best one to-date is the Dynasty Tycoon WoW Gold Guide. Over the years, it's taken on a couple different names, changing or marketting it a bit differently, but it's still the best of the best, if you want to farm your own gold, rather then buying WoW Gold.

Dynasty Tycoon WoW Gold Guide

Dynasty Tycoon WoW Gold Guide will reveal money making items that you can craft, gather, farm, or buy low/sell high for profit. While other players use the same old ‘popular strategies’ to make gold and flood the market with the same items, you’ll discover items that make even more gold and have virtually no competition, as this addon, scans the auction house and studies your servers economy ensuring you have the tools necessary to become your own Gold Tycoon.

Dynasty Tycoon WoW Gold Guide works with:

  • Auction House
  • Crafting
  • Gathering
  • Item Farming

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I bet you didn't know this, but the guy who created WoWHead, sold it to ZAM. After he sold it to ZAM, he "made" his own leveling guide. It wasn't actually his, he just rebranded the thing so that he could cash in on someone else's work. It turns out that a lot of so-called gold guides out there are similar. Most of them only show you how to use the various Auction addons, and tell you to either gather and sell or to buy low, sell high, either by vendoring too low priced auctions or relisting them. While in some cases these gold making strategies can work, these so-called gold guides are crap. Dynasty Tycoon WoW Gold Guide on the other hand is one of the gems out there, as it will actually help you to analyize the Auction House to see what is selling for lower then the crafting costs, as well as to take advantage of information which while is free is often hard to determine how it affects the on-going free-market of the Auction House.

Like I said, I have looked at a lot of WoW Gold Guides over the years, most of them are crap. Dynasty Tycoon WoW Gold Guide is the exception to the rule.

WoW Gold Guide

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