Earn 10k-50k Gold with Fishing – WoW Guide

Earn 10k-50k Gold with FishingWith a little flipping, you can Earn 10k-50k Gold with Fishing. You'll need about 400 in fishing skill to be able to complete this feat. You'll also need a bit of time fishing up your the items you will be flipping for the gold - or you can use the trick listed below...

Earn 10k-50k Gold with Fishing

This isn't a get rich quick gold farming method, in fact you can figure you're going to fish about 400 casts (use the Legion Fishbot to automate it). The item we're looking for will be exchanged for a pet, which you can learn and then cage for massive profits on the AH. One server I looked at had the value of these pets going for as little as 10k but as high as 50k - but they will depend on the server - Check the Undermine Journal for current prices. 

Hopefully, this WoW Guide to teach you to Earn 10k-50k Gold with Fishing has helped you net a good cache of gold. Leave your comments or suggestions to this guide below in the comments.

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