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We begin this gold guide on Essence of the Undeath Farming, with the notice that prices vary by server and could take a giant dump if enough people begin farming them. On that note, this is another Tome of Illusion Material which are expected to be of high value when LEGION (expansion) is released. While these are in demand, prices will be high.

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Essence of the Undeath Farming

Normally, you can make a single Essence of Undeath, but it's much better to just farm them. Now I recently read a guide that said there was a 52% drop rate in certain mobs in the Stratholme dungeon. But between having to reset the dungeon and the neccessity of being a very high level, I found this guide to be lacking. Instead, for this guide, we are going to be heading on over to Winterspring. But the drop rate is much lower when we do our Essence of the Undeath Farming. Instead of killing 6 mobs and pulling 3 Essences, we are going to be pulling the 25-30 in the area and getting 2.

The reason I like Essence of the Undeath Farming in Winterspring is that even a low level DK should be able to do this - which means you can farm on any server within the hour. Additionally, I like that for the most part, people will look at the 6-7% drop rate and think "Ugh" and skip this area, not knowing the sheer quantity of mobs in this location.

AOE is definitely the way to go, but there is no reason with a 65+ level character you can't 1-shot these mobs, loot, lootfilter, and run to sell the crap you don't want, with the nearby town, or switch servers rinse/repeat to mow the mobs down again and again.

Please refer to the map below to see the types of mobs to hunt, as well as the location to find them. 

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Essence of the Undeath Farming


Let us know how we're doing with our Essence of the Undeath Farming guide. Did you find it helpful, does it need more information, is there more you'd like to see?

Thanks to WoWhead for the images/info - map was edited by me (with Fireworks).

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