Explore Unseen Maps – WoW PTR (Screenshots Only)

Explore Unseen Maps Some might call this Explore Unseen Maps trick a cheat, others simply a change, but over the weekend, you were able to Explore Unseen Maps in the World of Warcraft Private Test Server. It came as a bit of a shock, and had been working only for a couple days - but it's fixed now. Some of the locations seen were GM Jail, GM Island, Emerald Dream, and more...

Of course, this could change at any time and start working again, but under the current PTR of 7.2, this is not working at this time.

Explore Unseen Maps 

Please note, you cannot Explore Unseen Maps on live servers without a Model Edit hack. You will only be able to explore on the PTR which does no good, other than being able to explore, test, and take screenshots.

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Nyarly's Gallery

Click Here for Gallery: Emerald's dream (169), Edge of Reality MOUNT(1455), AcquisitionHavoc (1498 ), Artifact-Dreamway (1540), Old Artifact-Warrior Fury Acquisition (1499), Valhallas - halls of valor (1477), WarcraftHeroes (1179), Dungeon Blockout (1663), IllidansRock (1462), BlackrockFoundryTrainDepot (1208 ), Defense of the Alehouse (1101), Old GorgrondFinaleScenarioMap/ everbloom? (1407), Illidan's temp (1622), MantidRaid (1009), Legion Dungeon (1470)

Interesting notes

- Mobs were found in Legion Dungeon, Emerald Dream, Defense of the Alehouse and Dungeon Blockout
- The mobs in defense of the alehouse provided a buff upon being killed
- Dungeon blockout had bosses from arcway
- The specular lightning trick doesn't work anymore for ED's textures
- Scholomance OLD is still in the game files.
- Old pvp halls are still there as well.
- For the first time (and most probably the last), you could see other players /wave at you while exploring 🙂
- Lots of people reached GM Island, and there are no reports of bans as of now.
- I was able to see the two moons of azeroth on multiple occasions. This should not have happened...
- Mapid 1471 (named 1466) could be reached, but is empty
- Lots of other maps couldn't be reached though. Because they didn't have proper difficulty settings, or because of other party errors. This is sad.
- Red errors appeared at multiple occasions, showing coordinates and/or other weird info about these maps.
- There are a lot of new dev maps, but they can't be reached (nothing in the client files).
- It ended too soon... It could have potentially be possible to complete dev quests this weekend. For example : Kanrethad's Quest. But I was too slow to add programmer's isle to the game files and check it before it ended....

Dovah's Gallery

Click here for Gallery: Emerald's dream (169), Defense of the Alehouse (1101), Dungeon Blockout (1663), Akazamzarak's hat (?), Legion Dungeon, (1470), School of Necromancy (229), Alliance/Horde PVP Barracks (449/450) 

The command which was used to Explore Unseen Maps, was /console worldport mapidxyz. Where mapidxyz was the map to explore.

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Miscellaneous Commands

/console port PLAYERNAME (or PLAYERNAME-REALMNAME(EUORUS) - Teleports you to a person (or npc)\

Dungeon Blockout - /console worldport 1663 -800 800 1 (Neat little area with some test mobs & terrain)
Legion Dungeon (TEST) - /console worldport 1470 2104 4625 282 (note about this one, it has debug monsters roaming around, explore it please!)
Defense of the Alehouse (Dota BG with some test mobs sometimes up) - /console worldport 1101 600 250 35
[PH] Heros Through Time (Dota BG) - /console worldport 1179 1600 600 65
The Master's Promontory - /console worldport 1462 -250 1350 90 0 1 (Illidan hangs out here, at least his soul apparently)
Alpha version of suramar? - /console worldport 1498 1957 3933 279 0 1
100 Boost Scenario - worldport 1554 -2500 2800 170
Shaman scenario (click on npc to begin) - /console worldport 1572 824.149 1046.69 48.173 0 1
EDGE OF REALITY MOUNT - /console worldport 1455 1712.29 -820.175 73.7354 0 1

GM Jail - /console worldport 1 16227 16403 -64
GM Island - /console worldport 1 16238.8 16262.46 14.82752
Emerald Dream Statue - /console worldport 169 3105.41 3096.78 27.0032

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