Fast 90-100 Leveling without addons

Fast 90-100 Leveling without addonsWhy would you want to know how to achieve Fast 90-100 Leveling without addons? Maybe you have a slower system, or maybe you just don't want to use Zygor or Dugi's leveling guides. Whatever the reason, this method is a way to do a quick level boost. So fast that you will level 96-100 in about 20 minutes - but while the entire process is a bit longer, it may actually level you faster then the addons listed above - but that will be fore you to determine...

Fast 90-100 Leveling without addons...

To start on this guide, understand the method used by professional powerlevelers... don't loot unless you are looking for quest items. Don't skin, don't collect herbs and mines. It's faster to level your other skills AFTER you hit the level cap. I know you'll find this difficult to believe, but looting slows you way down. Sure you won't have a few thousand more gold at the end, but you won't need it to level fast.

Next, I want you to watch this video...

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