Fast Corrupted Dreadwing Mount – WoW

Fast Corrupted Dreadwing Mount Farming - WoWHere's a Fast Corrupted Dreadwing Mount Farming guide for World of Warcraft. This mount is beautiful to say the least, but at 150k Apexis Crystals, it can take 2-3 months if you don't know how to do this in a much quicker fashion, which will take you less then a week to achieve.

Fast Corrupted Dreadwing Mount Farming Guide

First off, to farm the Corrupted Dreadwing Mount, you need to understand that in reality you are farming Apexis Crystals. We already shared one guide on that, but it's time to share another faster method. This faster Apexis Crystals method, will allow you to farm 10k to 20k Apexis Crystals an hour.

Here is the information on the Corrupted Dreadwing mount, you should know.

Corrupted Dreadwing Mount Riding Requirements:

  • Level 100
  • Apprentice (75) Riding


Corrupted Dreadwing Travel Specs:

Speed depends on your riding skill.

  • Ground (+60% or +100% speed)
  • Flying (+150%, +280% or +310% speed)

Fast Corrupted Dreadwing Mount Farming Instructions:


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