Fast Follower Leveling WoW 7.2

How can you do Fast Follower Leveling, when WoW 7.2 is released? Blizzard plans to allow you to level up your followers one more level. Additionally, once your followers are max leveled, then you will also be allowed to outfit them with ilvl 900 items. This guide will give you the information needed to achieve Fast Follower Leveling.

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Fast Follower Leveling WoW 7.2

Fast Follower Leveling WoW 7.2Why am I sharing this with you, while it's still only out on the PTR? Because now is the time to start farming the items you will need to perform this feat of Fast Follower Leveling. You will actually be able to max out your followers levels, almost instantaneously, however, this will not work for any follower which is epic level.

So you will need to farm some Grimoire of Knowledge. Each of them is going to grant about 4k xp, and you will need a total of about 200k xp to level to the max level (assuming you are at max, prior to 7.2 being released). So that means you will need 50 Grimoire of Knowledge to Fast Follower Leveling. You can get more information on leveling your followers here, as well as more general information on them.

So if you do 2-3 missions a day, this means you should be able to get 50 Grimoires in about 3 weeks or less. Now it should be noted, that it might be possible to do this with 42 Grimoires, however this is under the assumption that you also have bonus XP, from winning ever mission.

So to recap Fast Follower Leveling you will need:

  • 1 Follower which is not epic lvl ( you wont get the XP missions if your follower is epic, you need to make sure that the follower that's not max level is active.
  • Win every mission that rewards bonus XP item.
  • Stack up on equipment and relics (50 ilvl per follower, and 1 new relic slot when the follower levels up).

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