Faster LFR Completion – WoW

A little trick for Faster LFR Completion (Looking For Raid), which means that you can hit your max amount of LFR's each day quicker. This in turn means that using this trick, you can also farm Valor Points much quicker. Imagine completing all your LFR's in a few hours, rather then the normal time of several or not completing them at all, because of down times between picking up the next LFR.

Faster LFR Completion trick

Valor Points via Faster LFR Completion trickSo in order to complete the Faster LFR Completion trick, you need only to be eligible to run LFRs. However it's recommended that you join a pre-made group and that you ensure that no one leaves the group, until you are done with the LFRs. If anyone does, then it will negate the trick's effect.

This trick is probably the easiest way to farm Valor Points after you have completed your Weekly quest, daily Heroic, and the 8 Mythic Dungeons.

Rinse and Repeat steps 2-4 to enjoy your Faster LFR Completion's daily.

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