Fastest 110-120 Powerlevel – WoW BfA Guide

This Fastest 110-120 Powerlevel works just like legion invasions, do it once every day for maximum efficiency. If you just want to focus level one character, this is still the fastest way to level in BfA. If you have an army of alts, you can level them all using this method in the most efficient manner.

Fastest 110-120 Powerlevel Method

Fastest 110-120 Powerlevel - WoW BfA GuideWe can use this Fastest 110-120 Powerlevel method to level one character and do it in around 470 minutes, without any rested XP. Alternatively, if you are planning to level all your alts, we can take a total of 300 minutes per character, but it's done for 30 minutes per character each day using rested XP. So in essence:

  • Single character, without rested XP: 1 level every 47 minutes, includes downtime.
  • Multiple characters, using this Fastest 110-120 Powerlevel method once per character per day: 1 level every 30 minutes.

You can see the second method comes out to be much faster time in total. Consider it a lesson in time management.

Fastest 110-120 Powerlevel Method

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You also have a chance to get tmog, pets and mount using this Fastest 110-120 Powerlevel, so this can be a worthwhile experience. I leveled a brewmaster monk using this method and after dinging level 120, I received 3 pieces of transmog (55k, 27k and 20k value), 5 pets (80k value total).

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