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Feathered Viper Hatchling FarmingFeathered Viper Hatchling farming is the newest found method used to gather the following items: Mistscale and Shimmerscale, as well as Blood-Stained bones and Calcified Bones with skinning. The mob also drops Stringy Loins. These can be used to the cooking skill, but also the lesser known transmute spell which gives you Quivering Sac.

Feathered Viper Hatchling Farming

Due to the unprecedented efficiency of this location and these mobs, you can expect a nerf in the near future.

Location: Goto Zuldazar, on the north-east portion of the map, it's south-west of Nesingwary's Gameland (see above map).

The mob we will be farming is Feathered Viper Hatchling.

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Feathered Viper Hatchling Farming Method

  1. Break the "Feathered Viper Egg" that are scattered around the area. They should break in one shot. They are white with spotted orange/brown bottoms.
  2. A few of the mobs will spawn from each egg. They have low HP and are considered minor mobs.
  3. Kill them and skin them!
  4. Don't forget to pick up your AoE damage buff from Dazar'alor as Horde. This place works as Alliance too, but slower due to no AoE buff.

Obviously more efficient to break a lot of eggs and AoE them down to get faster respawns, but that also depends on who else is around since it still is a questing/daily area.

From my 15 minutes of farming, I got the following :

Mistscale: Approx. 150
Shimmerscale: Approx. 580
Bloodstained Bone: Approx. 150
Calcified Bone: Approx. 200

Depending on your realm's economy, it may be better to sell mats, to make items to scrap or DE, or make items to sell. That research is up to you!

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Thanks to the following for their input on this Feathered Viper Hatchling Farming information: Pterrorkin, Smitten, & Spitt for the image.

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