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Feribs Waypoint Running Tool will allow you to set waypoints in World of Warcraft and then automatically run them, while AFK. It only runs, does no attacks nor defense, potion drinking, nor even fishing, it's unlikely that this tool will cause any suspensions or bans. However this is an automated tool, so it's recommended you only do this while at the keyboard to prevent bans and suspensions.

Feribs Waypoint Running Tool

One download is all it takes in order to be able to use this tool. Open the archive, allow it to update the offsets to the current version of WoW, and then create your own custom waypoints. It will then run in a circle, navigate between towns, run through a dungeon, or go wherever you want it to. Feribs Waypoint Running Tool is officially called "Ferib's Waypoint Bot" and will automate your character's movement!

Feribs Waypoint Running Tool Video Tutorial :

To start Feribs  Waypoint Running Tool, just open Wow (32bit) and then open Ferib's Waypoint Bot, the tool will attach itself to wow if a 32bit client has been found. After thats done, just create a new profile and start recording your waypoint. You can then click the start button if your profile is ready for use!

Download Feribs Waypoint Running Tool

If you like this tool, donate €5.00 to Ferib, and get his Pumpkin Tool which gives you teleportation, team disconnect, and transmog and toys hacks for free. See also Feribs Chat Monitor!

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