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Free Dugi Guide DownloadIt's now January 2018, and  if you're planning to level up to the cap, prior to the next release, and you haven't quite done it yet, then it's time you get off your arse and start leveling up. Don't worry, it's easy. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me that you can level to the level cap in less than a week using this guide. We highly recommend you purchase Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide. But if you aren't sure, let me share with you some insight...

Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide Features

  • In-Game Horde & Alliance WoW Dungeon Leveling Guide
  • In-Game Horde & Alliance WoW Leveling Guide
  • In-Game WoW Leveling Talent Guide
  • Dailies & Events Guide
  • Achievements & Professions Guide
  • Vendor Supply Run 
  • Detailed In-Game Dungeon Maps
  • Easy Quest Skipping Feature (Ideal for Recruit-a-Friend & Heirloom)
  • Automatic Quest History Tracking
  • Automatic Step Detection
  • Easy Quest Item Feature
  • Automatic Waypoints
  • Detailed Tooltip Description
  • Easy Guide Selection
  • Automatic Class Quest Detection
  • Ant Trail Feature
  • Lightweight & doesn't slow down your computer

How To Use Dugi's Complete Ultimate WoW Guide

wow warcraft alliance horde leveling guide

Download Dugi's Complete Ultimate WoW Guide

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Installation Notes

Install like any WoW addon.

  1. Download
  2. Unzip
  3. Copy the folders to Interface/Addons
  4. Start the game.

TomTom and Talented are latest version from WoWInterface, but you can also download them below.

Also, Dugi's Complete Ultimate WoW Guide viewer itself can be updated for free by visiting Dugi's WoW Guide Download Page.

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