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Today, we're introducing to you a Free WoW Bot. Free WoW bot Everyone is looking for the next private Free WoW Bot to come on the scene, so they can grab it, farm some gold or levels, and make a bit of cash. This Free WoW Bot is no different in that sense, everyone is going to run to get it... but is that a good thing?

Free WoW Bot

So this Free WoW Bot is open source. Most would think that's a good thing, but I can assure you it's not. The problem is, that it's not the first open source WoW bot. In fact there have been a couple over the years which were open source and once Blizzard got their hands on it, they were able to quickly ban all the users. Will it happen here? Probably. Which is why we aren't going to charge users to access it. Just share this post to social media, and you will get access to the Github. We have also mirrored a copy (for VIP Members), in case it gets taken down in the near future.

Free WoW Bot features

  • Warden Mem/Pagescan bypass
  • Hook NtVirtualQueryMemory aswell Module32First/Next to hide my modules
  • Unlink from PEB aswell Erase PE Header in managed code
  • Pathfinding ripped from CMangos
  • API to interact with nearly every aspect of the game
  • MEF Extension API

Free WoW Bot Download

Remember, all you need to do, is share this to your favorite social media, and you will be given access immediately to the proper GitHub repository, along with the Support forums for this Free WoW Bot.

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If you used the Free Usage WoW Bot, let us know your thoughts on it, and how it works for you. 

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