Full Invisibility Trick – WoW

I rate this Full Invisibility Trick, as a trick since your nameplate is still going to show, and I am fairly certain that this will not work in PVP. If it could, then I imagine it would become a fairly awesome exploit - even if the name plate showed.

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Full Invisibility Trick Instructions:

Full Invisibility TrickThis Full Invisibility Trick is really simple, but requires two parts. First, you need a Reflecting Prism. Second you will need a willing accomplice to use a Intra-Dalaran Wormhole Generator. Since the other person needs to be in Dalaran, and you need line of site, I am certain this will only work in Dalaran, and not in PVP. Though I haven't tested to see if I can port to a Battleground or Arena while Invisible... possibly mounted and move to a PVP zone? idk. 

Anyways, use a Reflecting Prism while someone is using the Wormhole Generator and unequip your weapon. You will reflect back nothing, and thus your from will be nothing, since there is no useable model. 

Like I said however, your nameplate will still show, so it's more of a Full Invisibility Trick rather then exploit. Still would be useful for sneaking up on someone however! Would love to carry a flag like this! Nya-Nyah, can't see me!

Were you able to get the Full Invisibility Trick to work? Let us know how you used it, and make sure you share to your favorite social media site, letting others know how it went!

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