Get WoW Free Trick – Booster & Expansion Free

Get WoW Free TrickWhat you do with this Get WoW Free Trick is completely up to you, but I suspect that most people will use it to either farm for WoW Gold or to level an account to sell. I do not recommend the former since in all likelihood you will get a bad reputation doing so. However you might be able to sell characters which you transfer to other people in the same area. That might work well - haven't tested it personally.

Get WoW Free Trick

So the version of World of Warcraft you are going to be getting is going to be the Battlechest and Legion expansion. This means you will be able to level a character to the level cap, and then gear it up a bit. And again, you do this with a free boost to 100. If you choose to bot or hand level, take your own precautions. 

To do this Get WoW Free Trick, you will need a VPN where you can select Germany as your origin country. We recommend a private proxy, but you can use whichever you are more comfortable using.

The next steps are pretty easy, but begins with you connecting to a German IP via VPN/Proxy. If you are using a proxy, and need help setting up a tunnel, refer to this article, or use a Proxy Firewall.

Get WoW Free Trick Instructions

First connect to a German IP.

We do not know how long this will last, so get in and make it work for you. Do NOT tell a friend about this, as your accounts will be banned and it will get fixed that much quicker.

Credit goes to Tracomi, for this Get WoW Free Trick

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