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Goblin Hot Potato Exploration Trick

Goblin Hot Potato Exploration TrickThe Goblin Hot Potato Exploration Trick, will allow you to bypass the debuff, thus allowing you to use a Goblin Glider to move where you wouldn't normally be able to. The Goblin Hot Potato from the Steamwheedle Preservation Society is like any other item you can throw to players, but it has a catch to it. That catch is that it will randomly explode sometimes on use and throw you in the air at different heights with a debuff that lasts either 7sec, 8sec or 30sec. (the lower the debuff timer, the lower you will explode, although the height on 7second debuff explosions can go pretty high sometimes.)

Because of this ability of the Goblin Hot Potato, we can use it to bypass locations needed for raids, dungeons,and even for good old exploring...

Goblin Hot Potato Exploration Trick

A side note: to buy and use the Goblin Hot Potato, you need to have at least Honored reputation with the Steamwheedle Preservation Society and you can buy them in your factions Town Hall in Warspear / Stormshield from the rep vendor.

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