Gold Chest Loot Dupe – WoW

Gold Chest Loot DupeIt's come to our attention, that a Gold Chest Loot Dupe is occurring within World of Warcraft. The Gold Chest Loot Dupe uses a bug to allow you to loot only the gold from a chest, and then a short time later, to loot that chest again. I have been told it only works in Panderia from a few people, but if done right, this should work on all regions.

Gold Chest Loot Dupe

It might even be possible to do this with lockboxes for rogues, but it hasn't completely been tested - we'll leave that up to you to verify.  It might be best to use this on chests, where you can guarantee that you are the only looter, in which case, you should be in a private instance. If you're not, just being near a chest, should suffice, if it's open world. If you're in a group, you will need to leave the group temporarily.

If you want to use a macro with this Gold Chest Loot Dupe, you can use this in-game macro to leave your party and loot the first slot, which is always WoW gold...

/script LeaveParty();
/click LootButton1


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