Gortens Fisherman – Working WoW Fishbot

Its always nice when you can find a Working WoW Fishbot such as Gortens Fisherman, especially after the disappearance of YetiBot's Wildcatch. But as it turns out, Gortens Fisherman is pixel based, and you need to go through some extra steps in order to make it work. The one downside, is that it will not work with multiple windows, and the first screen must be the active window. However, because it is a pixel bot, you might be able to mask it's name by using either a sandbox or using some anti-detection methods.

The steps to setup Gortens Fisherman aren't hard nor do they cost money. 

Gortens Fisherman Setup

  1. Download (see below) and extract.
  2. Get code to authorize use (see below).
  3. Open World of Warcraft.
  4. Equip your Fishing Pole.
  5. Place Fishing in the #1 Slot on your action bar.
  6. Set the Master Volume to 100%. Sound to High, Music to Low, Ambience to Low.
  7. Put WoW into Windowed mode and shrink the screen as much as possible, without minimizing it.
    • 640x480
    • 320x240
  8. Walk to some lake/water.
  9. Zoom in as much as possible.
  10. Find a location with as little sound as possible.
  11. Avoid locations with anything that changes the mouse icon (mobs crossing path).
  12. Press Start, sit back, and let The Gorton's Fisherman handle things.

Gortens Fisherman

Gortens Fisherman download

Since YetiBot left such a hole in everyone's lives, we are making this Gortens Fisherman free to download. Of course when I say free, I mean it won't cost you any money.  First share this post to your preferred social media, and then click the link to download. 

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