Hellfire Rare Farming Guide

Hellfire Rare Farming can be a daunting task, unless you use this guide, which will make farming the Champions of Hellfire Citadel mobs more effective. The Champions of Hellfire Citadel are 4 rare elite mobs, which need to be hunted down, thus giving you the Hellbane Achievement.

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Hellfire Rare Farming Guide


The 4 Champions of Hellfire Citadel;

Name Coordinates Location Video
Terrorfist, Son of Kormrok 15.4, 63.6 Rangari Refuge https://youtu.be/wudX1nkQ3yE
Vengeance, Avatar of Velhari 32.4, 74.0 Temple of Sha'naar https://youtu.be/n5sOJkGo2cs
Deathtalon, Avatar of Iskar 23.2, 40.4 Ruins of Kra'nak https://youtu.be/ITVfuR3WUm8
Doomroller, Mar'tak's Creation 47.0, 52,6 Hellfire Citadel https://youtu.be/QVeMiB_uzr4

Each champion has a chance to drop  Medallion of the Legion and  Rattling Iron Cage which contains one of the three mounts :
 Armored Razorback
 Tundra Icehoof
 Warsong Direfang


You can use this map, if you want to go Hellfire Rare Farming, without the additional tips below.

Hellfire Rare Farming Champions of Hellfire Citadel map



Here's a picture of a Tundra Icehoof, one of the 3 mounts you can possibly get from Hellfire Rare Farming.

Hellfire Rare Farming

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