Hide Underground Mounted cheat – WoW

Any flying mount will allow you to Hide Underground Mounted. This can be especially fun in World PVP, as you won't be seen by anyone. However, there are of course some drawbacks. For example, you can still be targeted, even though you can't be seen. Also, using this method is difficult to navigate. But putting those things aside then you have a way to hide even a warrior with no stealth skills.

Hide Underground Mounted Cheat

Hide Underground Mounted

There are only 2 requirements to make this Hide Underground Mounted cheat work. You need;

Results will of course vary by the model of the mount, but in all of our tests, we have been good. If you find a mount which doesn't work, leave a comment below and list which of your mounts didn't work.

If you appreciate this guide on how to Hide Underground Mounted, let us know in the comments below.

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