High Priest Thekal (Tiger Boss) Glitch to Phase 2: Patch 3.3


- Invis, Feign Death, Vanish, and Shadowmeld are the easiest methods.

-Gnomish Cloaking Device for Engineers.

-If you don't have the above methods available, you can always just take off all your gear and afford 2 deaths.

How To:

1. Kill the blue elite that patrols outside Thekals area Gurubashi Berserker

2. Kill the single elite near the boss from the right side group [Gurubashi Axe Thrower]. Although killing the whole group on the right side is beneficial to Mages, Hunters, and Locks.

3. Mount up, aggro the boss, and run straight OUT of the room.

4. Stop on the opposite side of the path of Thekals room.

5. Thekal will drop aggro and start running back. Run towards thekal and pickup aggro again. This is done by being attacked by the two tiger adds that chase you. If you get hit by them while they are still within 30 yards of Thekal, you will be brought back into combat.

6. NOW that you have the quick re-aggro, drop combat: Vanish, Invis, FD, Shadowmeld, or Cloaking Device. Allow Thekal and adds to run all the way back.

7. That was the first Pull. Now Repeat 3-6 2 more times. Allow your Combat Drop ability to come off of CD first.

8. On the third pull, after you RE-Aggro the boss, he will jump into Phase 2.

9. At this point, make sure that your back isn't facing outside of the room. If you get knocked back and outside the room, it's possible he WILL reset even in phase 2.

My Video is slightly laggy at points due to my comp not being the greatest machine. Also this is my second time actually attempting Thekal on my mage in MONTHS so I wasn't quite sure how to do it. The first round I died w/ the boss having 935 HP left ( /facepalm).

This Video is also after the first 2 pulls have been done. And I suggest watching it in a new YouTube site window (HD Quality).

How To's for Individual Classes:

Death Knight: Just run the standard solo mob Blood Tanking Spec. Use Mark of Blood about 20 seconds into the fight. Everything else is keep your dots up and just heal yourself with other spells as often as possible.

Druid: Frenzied Regen is as easy as it gets. Omen of Clarity is great for an instant Rejuv. Bear form just rapes this fight. Even in dps feral gear, you wont tank too much damage that you can't heal through.

Hunter: Another Joke fight. Grab your bear or whatever tanking pet you have from the stables and just keep him healed. Beast mastery Spec will keep your pet alive EASILY, but you can run as whatever nuking spec you want, and just FD after a couple hits. Deflection is your friend if FD is on CD. Any trap you use should be for damage (snake, explosive).

Mage: This is the hardest to pull off. It requires at least some decent PvE gear and about 19k HP. You NEED to be frost spec. W/o it, you likely wont be able to survive the damage (and your Mirror Images wont be holding aggro). As soon as he yells and you know Phase 2 is coming, run to the corner, pop MI And Water Ele. Pop your Icy Viens Frostbolt macro. DEEP FREEZE IS KEY TO THIS FIGHT. With the cange to deep freeze, you will hit for 20k+ Crits since he's immune to the mechanic.

Paladin: Simple, just keep your back to a wall, consecration and keep your judgement up (light if you have semi low quality gear, wisdom if your gear is better and want to make sure you wont go OOM). Just pop your wings in the beginning and cleave. If you get low, LoH is great for HP and MP. If you need your bubble later then forget wings in the beginning. Art of War should proc plenty so it's doubtful you'll get too low.

Priest: Discipline is your best bet. Keep yourself bubbled (PvP gear helps), and let him kill himself on reflective damage. Just keep your dots up and small renews or heals should be enough. Shadow can also work and Dispersion is a great benefit, but you'll have to be more offensive. You'll heal yourself from damage done. The hardest part about priest is mana. If your full pvp gear, it's possible you'll go OOM but Mana fiend is also great.

Rogue: Only method that I've pulled off is a Killing Spree Spec. I found that Riposte and Unfair Advantage do a nice bit of damage and keep you alive a bit longer (I also added in a dodge trinket and the 170 stam brewfest trinket). I run with about 24.3k HP, 33% dodge, 11% parry. The tactic is as soon as he gets close to you in Tiger form, pop Evasion then Killing spree. This should take care of his adds but about 20k HP off of him. BF -> AR (-> Engineering glove haste if you have it) will take out the majority of the rest of his life. Rupture, 2pt SnD, Eviscerate spam and keep Rupture up. Health pots are great.

Shaman: Enhancement. Hello OP Wolves. Wolves + new Magma totem makes this a joke fight (god knows WF buff on weapons is OP for solo target damage). And you can always use an Earth Elemantal Totem at the start to save yourself some damage.

Warlock: Demonology is your best bet with a Voidwalker/Fel Guard tanking. Just keep your dots up, and cast some spells. There's no rush for you. Health Funnel if your pet is really getting hit hard, but otherwise Fel Synergy will keep it healed. Very simple fight.

Warrior: Prot is the common method. Just keep your Shield Block up as often as possible, and use defensive CD's early and as often as you can/need to. You will take so little damage that there's nothing to worry about. You can also run as Fury and Bloodthirst could probably heal through most of the damage you take, but I haven't seen it tested so don't take my word for it.

As a note for several melee classes that can duel-wield or have extra weapons for this: Enchanting Blood Draining on a MH or 2h (For TG Warrior), can actually help out that extra bit if you're struggling in that last couple thousand HP on Thekal.

This guide is not my work, credits to ßetray.

I jsut thought it was a great guide, and wanted to post it.

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