Honorbuddy Dead – WoW Bot Replacement

If you hadn't heard, it's official, the headline rings true - Honorbuddy Dead and we need a WoW Bot Replacement. Blizzard Activision has officially killed off the World of Warcraft bot, and it's time to find a replacement. Bossland lost their lawsuit, and Blizzard is claiming it's due. Personally I never understood how Blizzard could claim a loss of X income. But that's just me. I quit WoW back when WotLK was out a year. I had 6 level 80s and had grown bored. Then, MoP was released, and I just wasn't impressed. I had moved onto Rift: Planes of Telara. WoW was going more kiddie to me, too much carebear if you will. Never-the-less, as I said Bossland lost, and it's official Honorbuddy' Dead. So what's next?

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WoW Bot Replacement

WoW Bot ReplacementPlease understand, I make nothing off of this referral, I am just informing the botting community that another bot has popped up. Technically speaking, you could use Macro Goblin to bot for you - even though it's not officially supported. Or, you could make a simple script with AutoIt or AutoHotKey. But if you need the bot to be able to turn and run through a few different pots/abilities, you need something which is going to work on another level, and this is where you need a true WoW Bot Replacement.

The WoW Bot Replacement I am pointing you to, is called wRobot. wRobot has 12 distinct and powerful features;

  • Quester and Grinder bot
  • Gatherer
  • Battlegrounder
  • Automaton
  • Schedule
  • Archaeologist
  • Pets battles
  • Fisher
  • Party Support Bot
  • WRotation Bot
  • Auction bot
  • Profiles and Fight classes editor

I honestly cant imagine needing anything besides these features other than an Arena bot, but you can read more about the bot here.

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If you know of another viable WoW Bot Replacement, leave a comment below, and we will link to that one was well.

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