ilvl Raising Quick Tip – WoW

Quick ilvl Raising Tip - WoWHere is a really Quick ilvl Raising Tip, for anyone who is a newly leveled 100, and needs a high level item to start raising their ilvl to either join raids, pugs, or even for better pvp gear ratings in World of Warcraft.

If you remember a few days ago, I posted a trick to raise your iLvl temporarily getting you in on raids. This Quick ilvl Raising Tip is going to augment that trick slightly.

ilvl Raising Quick Tip

The first thing for the Quick ilvl Raising Tip, is speak to an NPC. This NPC, will then grant you a ilvl 600 (715 in pvp) trinket if you are level 100. You only need to speak with the NPC, and then you get the item, simple right?

Who is (s)he? You can use it to permanently raise your ilvl till you can replace the item with something better anyways.

If you aren't really sure what ilvl is, or how it affects your character, you can check out this post over on MMOChampion.


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