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I was in a random Temple of the Jade Forest group and I was running out of the Water Boss room (the Jinyu guy) I blinked into a pair of stairs and went right through it. I was a bit confused at first. I decided to take a risk and walk forward. I found out there is an entire Jade Forest that was empty and was a little odd. I began my Jade Forest Exploration Gallery.

*Note* Blinking through the stairs might take a few tries. I also advise that if you're a lower level mage (85-89) wait till the instance has been cleared.

WARNING this Jade Forest Exploration Gallery is grafix intensive

If you are on a slow connection, skip to the last page, where we will provide links to the images, so you can open them one-by-one.

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Where to Blink to Start your Jade Forest Exploration

JFE Gallery

When you walk forward, it should look something like this.

JFE Gallery

I didn't explore everything really. Just some of it. While I did it with a mage, it might be possible to fear someone in with a priest or warlock - I didn't test this. I also wonder about summoning someone in? If you don't have the ability to test, nor a high level mage, then enjoy these screenshots instead.

JFE Gallery

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